the way you are.

You treasure photos of your kids and don’t just want to remember what your family looked like, you want to recall their mannerisms and quirks, the connections, personalities and each unique spirit.

You don’t like posing and maybe you only have a few pictures of yourself with your kids, let alone the whole family, because you’re usually behind the lens or avoiding it altogether.

You want your kids to remember the really good stuff like how they clung like a limpet when carried, made art out of food, refused to be separated from that red jumper, snuggled on dad’s lap after each meal, built endless dens etc. Or perhaps you want them look back at these pictures in years to come and be captivated to see something they had no way of remembering.


the way i work.

I make every photo session informal, spontaneous and enjoyable. There’s absolutely no posing. The best and most beautiful images are captured when people are relaxed and happy. Familiar surroundings are ideal, nowhere more so than the family home or a well loved location. Children in particular are happiest when photographed in places they know. And it’s always amazing how quickly even the most camera-shy among them will relax and forget they’re being photographed. Adults too.

Like a family friend, I’ll come and hang out for the day, capturing everything from morning hair, muddy knees, painted faces, laughter lines, crazy costumes, tender moments and all the shenanigans that will invariably occur during a normal day.

You can put your camera (phone) down for the day so you can all be present and leave me to help you see the wonder in the ordinary details of your family life.


the things they ask.

We don’t live in London, can we meet before we book?

I’m happy to travel within an hour of west London to meet you, or we can skype or chat on the phone.

How much are the sessions?

Contact me here for a price list.

Our house needs decorating/is small, should we wait or use another location?

Family homes are not show homes and kids make mess. I can send you my hassle free tips on getting your home photo ready. If you wait for the perfect anything, you’ll miss how your perfect your family is right now.

How do I book you?

Click here to request a booking form.


What should we wear?

Whatever you like. The most important thing is that you all feel good.

Can we include our pets?

Absolutely. I’m an animal lover and believe that pets are part of the family.

Can we have a few family portraits during our time with you?

Of course. I’d suggest no more than ten minutes for a few informal looking to camera shots, which are best done towards the end of the day.

How long does it take to receive my photos and Photofilm?

On average, six to eight weeks. I edit every shot individually because processing the pictures is as important as taking them. The Photofilm requires even more care and attention because each one is a bespoke creation for the family in question.


Can I upload my pictures to social media?

Of course, once you’ve bought the high-res digital photos, you can post them wherever you like.

Who owns the copyright in the images?

I own the copyright but by selling you the high-res digital files, I’m granting permission for you to make your own prints.

I don’t live within an hour of London, is your travel and accommodation included?

Where you live will determine any travel expenses. If it’s a long way from London I can stay with you the night before if convenient. That way, you can all can get to know me without my camera. Or I’m equally happy to stay somewhere local.


We want to you to join us on an excursion, do we need to pay for this?

Yes, if there are any tickets to purchase.

Do you do holiday sessions?

Yes. I love to explore new places. I’m very happy to join you on your holiday for a day, or for as long as required.

Do you have insurance and are you DBS checked?

I have public indemnity insurance and have been DBS checked.