“You are so discreet, such a gentle and unassuming presence. You were able to read situations, to glide into the shadows, enabling us to be natural without feeling self conscious. When you returned to show us the work, none of us were expecting what we saw. The film is something we will watch repeatedly throughout our lives. Artistically stunning photographs, lit to perfection, expertly sequenced, wonderfully edited, intimate, funny, beautiful. You have documented our family life with its flaws and its natural beauty. I am so grateful for the preservation of these memories.”

Tara S-J - Gloucestershire


“I have tears streaming down my face! Claire, you are exceptional. We are totally blown away. You captured so beautifully, the precious moments that none of us see: the craziness and the calm. Perhaps what I love most is how you’ve made time stand still - just for one day and it will last a life time for us. Thank you for far exceeding our expectations. Many friends of ours have had photo shoots, but none like this. What you do and how you do it is unique”.

Sarah C-S - Hertfordshire


“Your unique “eye" combined with your intuitive awareness of relationships and the energy between people has resulted in a book full of stunning captured moments, whilst never failing to bring out the true characters and personalities of each of us. The collection you chose to include in our album has allowed us to revisit the trip exactly as we experienced it - the laughter, the aroma of lavender in each secret corner of the garden, the late afternoon heat, the games played, conversations had and meals eaten. Thanks to your genuinely unusual combination of creativity and empathy, we have a priceless reminder of a very special holiday, celebration and time spent with those we love.”

Louise N - Provence, France


“Claire has a great eye and a fine knack for capturing poignant moments which tell a real story. We requested a “day in the life of” story to document a specific moment in our lives: my partner Paul and myself at work in our design studio (and our dog Poppy), capturing Paul as a landscape artist and me at work in my new online venture Film and Furniture. We are absolutely thrilled with the results.”

Paula B - Form