the way i was.

I grew up in London, next to the world famous Abbey Road studios. It was a great place for a kid with a camera and an interest in people. I used to spend weekends in my uncle’s studio – he was a portrait photographer and inspired me to capture life and those who lived it.

At art college I first discovered the magic of the darkroom. Back then I was always taking pictures of any willing subject, but making portraits was something I did purely for pleasure. My real job was in the music industry where I marketed pop bands and commissioned photographers to make them look as good, sometimes better, than they sounded.

Eventually my lifelong hobby became my job.


the way i am.

I want to make photos that matter, full of warmth and humour, that make you feel and remember the good stuff - the people, the places, the moments.

In the last eight years I’ve photographed everyone from pop stars for album covers to actors on films sets. Now my greatest passion is to capture the human connections, natural quirks and pure joy of life, especially family life.

Curious and easy-going, I simply go where you go and capture what you do, looking for something extra in the ordinary.

West London is my home, but I will happily travel near or far to work with you.